A classic Océan Bohème design of amazonite and Opal gemstones set on a slightly adjustable band. 

Amazonite is said to filter stresses and have a calming effect on the wearer.  Whilst the colour of the stone conjures up memories of tropical seas. 

Opal is October’s birthstone and is said to be a great healing gemstone and good at improving communication and self confidence.  The colours are to represent the sunlight sparking on the the ocean surface. 

The hammered effect on the band also represents the ripples of the sea. The ring is adjustable and made from sterling silver and would best fit a U.K. size M - 

If you are unsure of your ring size or you need to convert your size from a different size system, you should find everything you need to know here; https://www.oceanboheme.co.uk/measure-your-ring-size

Mentawais Size M - P