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A very rare and beautiful stone - a green rainbow moonstone. It combines emerald greens with flashy blues and is very unique.

This large gemstone is set in sterling silver and is set on a hammered band which represents the ripples of the ocean.

Green-moonstone is a water element and Pisces Birthstone. It resonates with the Earth Chakras. It is a stone of Love, Grounding and Healing.

Green Moonstone is a powerful and mysterious gemstone and is a relatively uncommon form of moonstones. This gemstone symbolizes mystery, magic, feminine goddess energy, emotional balance, love, and compassion.

This ring is a U.K. size N

If you are unsure of your ring size or you need to convert your size from a different size system, you should find everything you need to know here;

The jewellery comes in a cotton gift bag and is delivered in plastic free packaging as standard.

Océan bohème is passionate about the ocean and for every sale Coralive grow a coral fragment and plant on a reef when mature. After checkout will receive a downloadable thank you to share on your social media stories.

If this is a gift for someone else you can also buy a mini ‘Ocean Goddess’ giftcard at the checkout.

Mermaid Seas - Size N

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