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Larimar gemstone set in sterling silver and a cast of a fossilised sharks layered together to make an ultimate ocean combination.

This gemstone is called Larimar, named after the ocean and you can see why! Larimar is only found in one place in the world, on a beautiful Caribbean island renowned for great surf, kitesurfing and diving conditions, so take a piece of the Caribbean with you!

In addition to this the inverted triangle represents water in alchemy. It was often blue and was also an ancient symbol of femininity. Wearing this necklace embodies the ocean and femininity together.

The sharks teeth fossilise after 10,000 years and the oldest recodrded fossilised teeth have dated up to 450 million years old. Choosing to use fossilised sharks teeth in my designs over actual teeth is a conscious decision so as not to support shark killing.

The two pendants hang on an 16”& a 20” sterling silver snake chain.

Reef Shark

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