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A gorgeous bright turquoise coloured piece of Azurite gemstone with dark and pale blue inclusions. This gemstone is said to enhance your intuition and get rid of all the blockages that are preventing you from living the life that you want. It will remove coldness and replace it with feelings of love and compassion. It also looks like an aerial view of tropical atolls, so what’s not to love?

The stone is set in recycled sterling silver and has a hammered effect on the band which represents the ripples of the ocean.

This is a U.K. size R 1/2

If you are unsure of your ring size or you need to convert your size from a different size system, you should find everything you need to know here;

The jewellery comes in a cotton gift bag and is delivered in plastic free packaging.

Océan bohème is passionate about the ocean and for every sale Coralive grow a coral fragment and plant on a reef when mature. After checkout will receive a downloadable thank you to share on your social media stories.

If this is a gift for someone else you can also buy a mini ‘Ocean Goddess’ giftcard at the checkout.

Azura - Size R 1/2

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