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Marine Conservationn

As an ocean lover and using the ocean as my playground, the ocean's health is of utmost importance to Ocean Boheme.  For this reason a minimum of 5% of profits is donated to Surfers Against Sewage who fight against marine plastic pollution and cleaner seas.  Donations are also made to Coral Gardeners who implement reef restoration through coral regeneration in French Polynesia. 

Coral Reef Island

The cowrie shells in the jewellery designs are upcycled from second hand belts, therefore they are not adding to the shell trade. 

The trumpet shells are upcycled from gifted Fijian lei necklaces. 

The shiva's eye shells are sea snail operculum's  - basically their doors that fall off when they die. I collect these on beaches and luckily these are not needed by hermit crabs. 


Plastic is often intended to be used for moments but is designed to last for decades.  There are often so many alternatives that are much better for the planet and marine environment. For this reason the packaging is 100% plastic free.  I am also working with my gemstone suppliers to wrap my handpicked gems in secondhand newspaper for packaging which works most of the time! 

Plastic Polluted Ocean
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