Two separate stacking rings with a shiva shell pearl and turquoise gemstone which stack perfectly together.

Turquoise is known for being a master healing stone and is intended to remind you of tropical, turquoise seas.

In addition to this the inverted triangle represents water in alchemy. It was often blue and was also an ancient symbol of femininity. Wearing this necklace embodies the ocean and femininity together.

The spiral shell is often called ‘shiva’s eye’ and is regarded as a very important symbol especially in India. The ‘shiva’s eye’ shells are said to awaken a sense of adventure, change and can eliminate fear! These shells were found in Vietnam so will connect the wearer to the Pacific Ocean.

All set in sterling silver on hammered bands which represent the ripples of the ocean.

The rings individually measure a U.K. size L but when worn together they will feel more like a U.K. K 1/2.

If you are unsure of your ring size or you need to convert your size from a different size system, you should find everything you need to know here;

Zanzibar Island - Size K 1/2