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Interview with Surf Photographer; Ale Sellers

Updated: Jul 5, 2021

On a recent holiday to Zanzibar I met the talented surf photographer, Ale Sellers. I had been hoping to find someone to collaborate with in Zanzibar as everywhere you look there's turquoise seas, white white sands and giant seashells at every turn. We spoke over Instagram and when I arrived she bounded out with a big smile introducing herself; it turned out she was working as a photographer with Aquaholics Kite and Surf Centre where I was staying! We ended up doing a little 'Ocean Boheme' photo shoot, which involved lots of coconuts, seashells and bobbing around with a surfboard. Her work is amazing and if you are following my Instagram page you will no doubt be getting a torrent of Ale Sellers pictures over the coming weeks.

I decided to get to know a little more about the girl behind the lens, so here's a little insight into Ale's life as a surf photographer:

Ale wearing Ocean Boheme jewellery and holding her pride and joy

Tell us a bit about what you do?

I do photography, most of the time in-water surf photography and also lifestyle, I love to spend time with the camera in my hands and let my right talk.

What first got you interested in Surf photography?

Beauty of simplicity. To practice surfing is very difficult but in pictures it looks just simple and fun.

What were you doing before your current job and what made you take the leap?

I was working as a social media manager, content creator, graphic designer and face customer for different companies.

Which photographers really inspire you?

There are many photographer and artists out there who inspire me. Bur some who really inspire me are: Xué Gil, Sebastien Zanella, Corina Rose... for example.

What makes a great surf shot?

The light and the moment. If you are in the right place at the right moment, magic happens.

Ale modelling on the beach

What photography equipment are you using at the moment?

I use a camera Canon 7D Mark II, 24-70mm, 50mm, 300mm and a SPL A-Series waterhousing.

Where's your favorite surf spot?

The bluest Maldives, the best place to be in the water, shooting or surfing.

If money was no object, where would you love to surf/shoot?

Everywhere around the world, of course! but I really have a very strong interest to surf/shoot in Reunion Island and Samoa.

Have you had any disasters in the water?

Not yet, I didn’t meet face to face with any sharks, no surfer has crushed me with his surfboard yet, most of the time the most difficult thing for me is struggling with the currents.

What are your photography plans for the future?

In a short-term future, keeping living photography almost every day and travelling.

Any tips for aspiring water photographers like me?

- Invest time with your camera: The more time spent shooting, the better you will be.

- Find your own style: get inspired by other photographers and artists, but don't copy.

- Keep paddling and stop finding excuses to not go shooting.

Here's where you can check out her beautiful work:

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