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Ocean Girls Budget Christmas Gift Guide 2022

Looking for Christmas gift inspiration for a water woman in your life? Well, look no further. We’ve scoured the web for budget gifts from independent brands for surf girls, wild sea swimmers, kite surfers and paddler boarders.   

Passenger Powder Fleece Lined Recycled Mittens 

This Bournemouth based, adventure apparel brand is running away with their sustainable credentials.  They have everything you could wish for to get outside whilst planting trees and using recycled materials.  These cute vintage style mittens caught our eye and we think these would be perfect for warming your mits post ocean. 


2023 Tide Poster 

Sharon Lee designs beautiful posters mapping the yearly tides for multiple U.K. locations.  They are beautiful in their own right and full of informative geeky tide facts. Perfect for those who plan their adventures by the tides and a great addition to any bathroom wall where one can sit and ponder the gravitational pull of the moon. 


Art Disco Soy Candle

What better way to get all snug and cosy after a cold water dip, than to light up some candles.  If you’re a candle fan then you’re going to want a hand poured soy candle of course and why not a pretty mermaid one at that.  Throw in some plastic free packaging and a plectrum to open the candle tin and you’re onto a winner gift. 


Sea Salt Cabin Socks 

No Christmas stocking is complete without socks or a satsuma, fact.  These toasty foot warmers are sure to please cold feet after a wintery ocean session. These slipper socks have a thick cable knit and fluffy lining.  Available from Cornish brand Seasalt


Finistère Eco Bottle 

Mizu bottles and Finistère have joined forces to bring you a stainless steel bottle to combat single use.  These tough bottles are a must when out on adventures and avoid the need to be caught short and buy nasty plastic refreshments. 


Moo & You Sea Salt Spray 

One for those gals who love that tousled just got out of the sea look.  With this sea salt spray you add volume and natural texture by combining sea salt with Icelandic moss!  Moo & You is a family brand set up by a hairdresser who couldn’t find natural products in plastic free packaging, produced in the U.K. So Suzie decided to fill that gap! 


Witterings Surf Reuseable Cup 

A reusable travel mug made from bamboo fibres and with a silicone lid.  Makes you want to go outside to enjoy your coffee and what better excuse than to check the surf? Witterings Surf are an independent and iconic surf shop based on the South Cost of the U.K. and stock lots of other ‘Witterings Surf’ goodies for ocean lovers. 


Josh’s Chocolate Weekends on the Water - Handmade Cornish Chocolate 

Who doesn’t like chocolate ? It’s probably the only gift guaranteed to be used by the end of the Christmas holidays!  If you’re going to treat someone to chocolate then be sure to support an independent brand with taste credentials and pretty packaging ! These guys have a delicious sea salt and caramel bar to be scoffed: 


Women & Waves T Shirt 

Women & Waves is a surf Collective offering surf tuition in the U.K. and abroad on surf camps. They have their own merchandise and this cool t-shirt would make a great gift for a surf girl. 


Océan Bohème Jewellery 

Hard to pick just one gift idea, as there’s lots of earrings, bracelets, necklaces and adjustable rings that all make great gifts. From seaglass jewellery to personalised hand stamped necklaces there’s lots of ideas to be had for ocean women. Not to mention that there’s a piece of coral planted by Coralive for every order and everything come in plastic free packaging as standard. 

£20 - £50

I hope this has inspired you with some ideas. Even if you got your gifts sorted months ago, give this a share on social media to support these independent brands and help your friends who might be struggling with ideas!

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