• Sara Strachan

Surf Shack Cool (and how to get it)

Updated: Jan 5

How to turn your home into a beach house oasis filled with items that spark joy in you. Get that surf shack decor on point and elevate your abode into the ultimate beach house interior that you can't wait to hang out in.

Interior by Brittney Borjeson of Evoke The Spirit as featured in Surf Shack by Nina Freudenberger.

So over the pandemic everyone has probably realised the importance of their home surroundings on their general mood. If you spend time in your home then why not make it your dream space and let the décor reflect your personality so you really enjoy being in your home. Or as advised by Marie Kondo, ultimate house organising guru 'surround yourself with things that spark joy in you'.

If you are an ocean lover then you might want to let this show in your furnishings and have your place nod towards your favourite outside space.

Photo Credit: Pellmell Creations

I grew up on an island, travelled the world in my 20's and 30's with a few windsurfing and snowboarding seasons thrown in for good measure. I then settled in Brighton for around 10 years and lived a minute from the beach.

When I was finally in one place for a while a started to enjoy decorating my Brighton flat with trinkets from my travels and showing my love of the ocean whilst squeezing every type of board into a small space.

Now, having recently moved to Hossegor in France, again seconds from the beach I have bought a tiny beach apartment.

Renovations have started so I have been delving into the world of Pinterest to inspire and hone the surf shack style I am after.

As I am currently immersed in décor ideas I thought I'd share some of these ideas with you.

Here is a round up of some of the best surf styles and beach decorating trends around at the moment, with a bit of the boho look in there as well. Whilst trying to avoid some of the slightly tacky sterotype of signs pointing to 'The Beach'.


Getting the palette