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A trio of Opal, Seaglass and à shivas eye shell. A perfect combo for ocean lovers.

Opals carry water energy and are said to be beneficial to people working with water.

Opals can bring a sense of calm, easing stress and depression. Opals center the mind and are stones of happy dreams.

It’s difficult to photograph opals as they look different at all angles. If you want a video of the ring you’re interested in please contact me. Opals are also inherently brittle so care must be taken to not knock or drop the stones on hard surfaces.

The spiral shell is often called ‘shiva’s eye’ and is regarded as a very important symbol especially in India. The ‘shiva’s eye’ shells are said to awaken a sense of adventure, change and can eliminate fear! These shells were found in Vietnam so will connect the wearer to the Pacific Ocean.

The seaglass was found on the shores of Hossegor in France by the famous surf break of La Nord.

The rings individually measure a U.K. size O but when stacked together they will fit a U.K. size N

If you are unsure of your ring size or you need to convert your size from a different size system, you should find everything you need to know here;

The jewellery comes in a cotton gift bag and is delivered in plastic free packaging.

A minimum of 5% of profits goes to support marine conservation charities, this includes a donation made to Surfers Against Sewage who campaign for plastic free seas and one coral fragment being replanted by for every purchase made. There’s also an option at checkout to upgrade your coral fragment to a bigger one for just £5. All proceeds will go to Coralive and you will receive a downloadable thank you to share on your social media stories.

If this is a gift for someone else you can also buy a mini ‘Ocean Goddess’ giftcard at the checkout.

Oceanic Opal - Size N

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