A rare dusky pink cowrie hangs below a spiral shivas shell on this salty combo. 
According to African legend, if you are attracted to cowrie shells you could be family to an Ocean Spirit. It also represents the Goddess protection which is very powerful and connected with the strength of the ocean.  Wearing a cowrie shell will connect the wearer to the ocean and this shell is known to represent wealth, good luck and fertility!
The spiral shell is often called ‘shiva’s eye’ and is regarded as a very important symbol especially in India.  The ‘shiva’s eye’ shells are said to awaken a sense of adventure, change and can eliminate fear!  These shells were found in Vietnam so will connect the wearer to the Pacific Ocean 
The pendants hang on a 18” snake & 20” snake sterling silver chain but can also be worn separately if you prefer.

Salty Days



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