• Sara Strachan

7 Minimalist Tattoos Ideas for Ocean Lovers

Updated: Jan 7

So you love the ocean and your after some tattoo inspiration. Maybe you're a surfer, diver, kitesurfer or paddleboarder and these sports have changed your lifestyle for the better and you want to pay homage to the ocean playground that you now call home.

Whatever your reason for wanting to immortalise your love of the sea we have some great inspiration for you here:


Once a tattoo reserved just for the saltiest of sailor souls, now anyone with the love of the ocean can get an anchor tattoo. We love the above anchor placement from @indiewild_ and the pairing with the ocean boheme jewellery fits perfectly.


If you're a surfer then there's a good chance you want to pay your respects to the bodies of water that gift you the rides you love so much. Here's a few wave tattoo ideas that might float your boat:


If you're a beach lover and are fascinated by shells and beachcombing a shell tattoo might be what you are looking for.

The Golden Ratio

To take the shell idea one step further, that's fascinating is that a shell is a perfect representation of the Fibonacci sequence, also known as the golden ratio (which is 1.618), and represented by the Greek letter phi. Fibonacci numbers are a never-ending sequence starting with 0 and 1, and continuing by adding the previous two numbers. You can find the Fibonacci sequence in the natural environment which is pretty cool, in shells, flowers, storms and galaxies. The nautilus shell is a perfect example of the golden ratio in nature and there's so many cool tattoos that incorporate this design:

second tattoo credit @dasha_sumtattoo

Inverted Triangles