• Sara Strachan

Meet Kay - Surfer, Eco Warrior, Hawaiian dweller and Owner of Surf Soap

Updated: Jul 5, 2021

Tell me a bit about Surf Soap and the ethos around your products?

Surf Soap was created to provide ocean lovers with hair and skincare products that they could

trust to not harm our aquatic environment. Whether you lather up on a boat, beach, or in your

shower at home; many of the harmful ingredients that are in our typical soaps and shampoos still

make it out to our seawater and into our marine life. We provide products that are not only safe

and eco-friendly, but they also actually WORK due to my previous training as a hairdresser and

studying chemistry and trichology (study of the hair and scalp).

What made you decide to start Surf Soap in the first place and how long have you been

running your business?

Surf Soap has been open for a little over 5 months now, but I have been formulating,

researching and developing products for almost two years. We put all of our products

through rigorous testing by surfers before releasing them into the shop.

I started Surf Soap because I would often take a quick shower after dawn patrol (the

only time I usually have to surf) and started to notice signs on beach showers that said

“no soap or shampoos”. I wondered why that was, so I studied it. And it turns out, that

typical soaps and shampoos actually are really harmful for the ocean and its

inhabitants, so I set out to create a good, well-functioning product that was also

accessible so people would have something to reach for that wasn’t going to cause

harm to the water.

What's a typical day/week like in your shoes?

Oh man.. it varies, but it typically looks like this: I have a day job currently, so I am

building Surf Soap in between that and raising my daughter, Ellie, who is 3.

I wake up around 0500, and go for a walk followed by yoga on most days. Some

mornings when I can, I get up and surf. Then, it’s the typical flurry of getting a toddler

up, looking over my planner, and having the first of many cups of coffee (haha). Then,

I’ll go to work for my day job. At lunch, I work on Surf Soap, and then finish my day job

around 5pm. I listen to whatever book I’m currently enjoying on the drive home, and