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One coral planted for EVERY purchase made

Updated: Jul 5, 2021

Ocean Boheme has partnered with to give back through each sale made. The aim of this is to help protect, raise awareness and reestablish our ocean's ecosystem.

For every purchase made one small coral fragment will be planted by Coralive in one of their coral regeneration projects based in the Maldives, Seychelles, Philippines, Madagascar or Sri Lanka.

Coralive builds and restores resilient coral reefs. Marine ecosystems worldwide have been facing increased threats. They are being overstressed by pollution, rising sea temperatures, exploitation and destruction to name a few. Coralive is using the Mineral Accretion Technology to restore coral reefs.

So what is Mineral Accretion Technology?

Mineral accretion technology uses low voltage electrolysis to improve the health and growth rates of corals and other marine organisms. The electricity increases slightly the pH around the corals growing on metal structures which increases survival rates of weak or stressed coral fragments to over 90%.

The constant push for growth makes corals more resilient against effects of climate change and coral growth is increased by up to 300% than naturally.

This below photo shows the results after 1, 5 and then 15 months on mineral accretion technology:

If you are wondering why coral reefs are so important, check out this blog: Save Our Reefs

Your purchase with Ocean Boheme goes to this area of Coralive's projects, however they are involved in lots of other important areas of marine conservation. Here's just a snippit of their other work:

Environmental Restoration

Not only do they help restore our coral reefs but they are also involved in mangrove forest gardening and replanting and seagrass bed transplanting.

Did you know that mangroves are excellent at storing carbon? They take in 3-5 times more carbon than mature tropical forests and store three to five times more carbon per equivalent area than tropical forests like the Amazon.

Coralive creates sustainable alternative livelihood solutions - When creating Marine Protected Areas with No-Take zones for fishing, it is crucial for local communities to have food security and alternative sources of income. Coralive helps communities establish income sources such as seaweed farming or the creation of plastic waste hubs.

Coralive implements Marine Protected Areas

They bring together local stakeholders to design, establish, and manage these vital refuges in nature.

On average, fully protected areas can increase the total biomass of marine life by more than 400 percent.

Coralive actively teaches environmental responsibility

Another important area of focus is teaching local communities in project areas the importance of marine conservation. Coralive helps raising awareness and transmit knowledge in following areas to empower locals and secure these lessons are passed on to future generations.

  • Plastic Pollution Awareness Campaigns

  • Coral Reef, Mangrove Forest & Seagrass Education

  • Ocean & Beach Cleanup Events

If you would like to be a part of the solution and support the amazing work Coralive is doing you can donate now to their amazing cause.

Please note that the photos taken holding coral are taken using dead corals washed up naturally on the beach and that you should never touch coral when in the ocean.

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