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Castaway Cool - Surfer Girl Style (and how to pull it off effortlessly)

Updated: Jan 11

So you love the ocean and it defines you, you want your saltwater addiction to be reflected in your style.

We hear you! Who doesn't love the laid back, sun kissed look?

As they say, your vibe attracts your tribe, so embody your passion and you'll more likely find like minded souls for sunrise surfs, road trips adventures and post surf,' beach bonfires.

Beach Hair

Nothing says 'water woman' more than locks that look like they've just come out the ocean - not in that washing machine, seaweed in your eyebrows look, more in a relaxed beach wave, tousled style.

Some girls have this naturally, others need a dip in the ocean and air dry to achieve it and others might need to invest in some salt spray (which usually smells divine). Either way, relaxed styles and sun bleached is a good place to start.

If you really want to achieve a castaway style then why not thread some pretty seashells into your tresses for the ultimate surf girl look.

Footwear (or lack of it)

Barefoot is the way! But if you feel a bit silly traipsing around your local supermarket and you don't live it tropical Byron Bay you might want to at least wear a pair of flip flops on your feet!


We're not talking diamonds here, more a turquoise over diamonds vibe. Where ocean hued gemstones rule, paired with pretty seashells and upcycled seaglass. You guessed it, check out Océan Bohème for the ultimate eco luxe, ocean jewels. They even plant a coral for every order!


Begone heavy foundation, lipstick and concealer and embrace your natural beauty ! Pretty freckles and in, just don't forget your reef safe sunscreen !



So every surf girl wants a van to transport her boards to the beach, store wetsuits and camp overnight for early morning uncrowded surfs. Embrace van life, and don't forget the surf skate for checking the surf in the morning !


Ocean girls love to protect Mother Nature and so you'll find they always have some kind of eco tote bag stashed away in their backpack to avoid nasty plastic carrier bags.


How better to rehydrate in the tropics after a surf than with a fresh coconut ? If you're not lucky enough to be sipping from a freshly cut coconut then don't forget your reuseable travel mug / drinks bottle to rehydrate post surf.


Comfort is key here, throw in organic cotton to ease the strain on the ocean, support brands giving back to the environment or even better scour pre loved websites & charity shops for clothes easy to pull on over a wet body, whilst trying to retain your dignity in a beach car park!


Above all be yourself, you don't have to follow the latest trends just choose products that align with your morals and spark joy with minimal environmental impact!

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