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Surf Girl Christmas Gift Guide 2023

Finding the perfect gift for your ocean adoring loved ones can be hard. Don't panic, we've got your backs with this selection of surf goodies, sure to please every surfer woman.

Salt Gypsy Longboard - The Dusty

The quickest way to a surfer girls heart is to gift her a surfboard. It's the ultimate present and we think the Salt Gypsy 'Dusty' longboard is a pretty decent offering. Check out the board's stats and we are sure you will agree that this board would be an epic present:

salt gypsy blue dusty longboard

Size Options: 8'0 | 8'6 | 9'0

The Dusty is by no means a performance Longboard, this board is about getting onto waves really early, setting the line, and then feeling the trim as you cruise down the line.

Optimum conditions are small to medium size waves, and it will really feel at home on a long point wave.

salt gypsy dusty longboard

The Dusty is a lightweight, retro style longboard that is easy to maneuverer. There’s some nose concave up front for the more experienced ladies chasing some hang five time. Not to mention the swoon worthy colour palettes available in each board category.

Available from £550

Océan Bohème Surf Jewellery

layered surf shell necklace

What girl doesn't like receiving jewellery?

If you want to gift jewellery it can't be any old thing.

Trust us when we tell you that water women will appreciate your eye for detail in selecting Océan Bohème jewelry.

This is because these gems aren't your average ocean jewels. They are made from sterling silver that can be worn in the ocean.

The handmade small batch jewellery is of high quality and made to last.

They combine gorgeous semi precious gemstones, the hues of the ocean and combine the gems with seaglass and upcycled shells.

Not only do you get beautiful adornments but the silver is recycled, the shells are from post consumer goods, they come in plastic free packaging and a coral is planted for every purchase.

Check out the unique designs here:

Beach Rinse - Seaglass Mini Soaps

seaglass mini surf soaps

It wouldn't be Christmas without receiving some toiletries. However these are a definite step up from your Great Aunt Maud's lavender hand cream. These hair, body & bath products make you feel fresh out the ocean. Designed by Arica, a mom of 4, born and raised in San Diego, and now living at the foot of the mountains in Utah. She made Beach Rinse to recreate that feeling the ocean gives you on your skin, and what it does for hair turned into a total bonus!

Beach Rinse is a soak, scrub, and rinse for your hair, body, and bath. It's made using only 100% natural and organic ingredients.

It's a combo of the very things we love about the ocean.. salt, kelp, and oils.

Alongside her Beach Rinse range we fell in love with her Tropical Mandarin & Almond Mini Soaps.

A perfect Christmas gift for beachcombers. They are sea glass, mini soaps. The cutest soaps resembling seaglass found on the beach! Each batch is made with all-natural ingredients, handmade and they smell like paradise too. 

Grab a shell dish, and stash a little pile next to your sink.

$16.50 for their small jar of the sea glass soaps. Go browse their seaglass soaps and other ocean ranges here: Beach Rinse

Salted Surf Co.

long sleeve summer surf suit

Salted are an Australian brand that have nailed beautiful designs and paired them with functional pieces. Water women hold onto your credit cards as these ladies have curated a stunning range for ocean.

Even better is that their vision goes beyond mere apparel; they also make conscious choices to protect our planet.

Salted ensures that every piece they created was not only flattering and practical but also thoughtfully crafted to minimize their ecological footprint.

They use:

Recycled fabrics ECONYL® & REPREVE made from fishing nets, plastic bottles and other such post consumer products.

Small batch - only producing a limited quantity at a time, to limit waste during production and avoid all surplus manufacturing.

Natural Dyes - their fabrics are printed with OEKO-TEX certified dyes (no nasty or harmful chemicals used that impact the planet or human health).

Peruse the whole range here:

Salted and for our European gals you can find them stocked by Seafoam Surf

Island Lines Recycled Check Surf Hat

This is the ultimate surf hat, a great gift for anyone who likes surfing in the sun.

Made from recycled plastics, this hat has an adjustable neoprene chin stap and adjustable toggle at the back so you can get the perfect fit and be sure not to lose it.

It also has a hard brim so you don't need to worry about it flopping down when you punch through the waves.

Not to mention the cool bucket hat and checked design.

You can buy the bucket surf hat online here from Manawai Boutique

Slow South Long Sleeve Wave Top

Slow South is a clothing and lifestyle brand based on the south coast of Devon - inspired by sunny days, road trips and balmy summer evenings.

A brand for wild spirits; salt water lovers and barefoot wanderers.

The Wave design is hand printed on 100% organic cotton and is PETA approved vegan.

Check out The Wave design and other apparel here: Slow South

Moi Mili Shell Cushion

Every ocean woman needs some sea inspired décor in her home.

These cute cushions by Moi Mili are the perfect addition to your mermaid dream home. A beautiful fluffy shell-shaped cushion, carefully sewn from high quality velvet fabric. They come in a rainbow of shades to suit all decors.

Check out the different colour options here Moi Mili

Ola Bonita Surf Art

If you're a surfer and you like bright and bold art then check out Ola Bonita.

Gwendy is a French artist and she paints some beautiful surf art that deserves pride of place on the walls of someone's surf shack.

Have a look here: Ola Bonita by Gwendy to browse some of her latest art work.

Ocean Bottle

Everyone needs a refillable bottle.

This is that practical gift that will actually get used long after Christmas.

It's common knowledge that it's not cool to be buying plastic bottles. With a reusable bottle there's no excuse !

Perfect to take for pre/post surf hydration, road trips along the coast or in your waterproof bag strapped to your paddle board.

The guys at Ocean Bottle have nailed the eco credentials and their designs are pretty sleek.

When you buy an Ocean Bottle reusable water bottle, you fund the collection of 1000 ocean-bound plastic bottles before they enter the ocean.

Collectors in coastal communities exchange this plastic for money and get access to social resources such as healthcare, education and financial security.

Have a look at their range of bottles here:

So there you have it, a round up of some Christmas gift ideas for your favourite salty mermaid. With a nod, as always, towards ecologically minded, independent brands. I hope this helps you find your ideal present for Xmas 2023 and if you liked this blog check out the other surf related blog musings.

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