Each and every design is unique. 

The seaglass has been tumbled by the waves, shells born from the ocean and gemstones created from the earth to make a beautiful fusion from the earths elements. 

This jewellery is as far away from throwaway as possible, designed by myself and handmade by an expert craftsperson to combine high quality, outstanding value and one-off charm that's rare in today's mass produced world. 

As there are so many one off pieces the shop is not always up to date  - please contact us if you can't find what you want as we sometimes have similar pieces not yet online. 

Ocean Boheme has also committed a minimum of 5% profits to be donated to marine conservation charities including Surfers Against Sewage campaigning for plastic free seas and Coral Gardeners who implement coral regeneration in French Polynesia. 




Océan Bohème is designed for free spirited women who have a passion for the ocean, the environment and and a love for unique boho jewels.


The pieces Sara designs use recycled shells, sea glass and gemstones as much as possible.


5 % of Ocean Boheme's profits are pledged towards ocean conservation and the fight against plastic pollution in our seas.  However, currently over 10% of profits are being donated to Surfers Against Sewage and one off donations are being made to Coral Regeneration programmes and projects to curb shark finning.  As a business Sara is also striving to limit plastic in all elements of production and packaging.



In addition to this Sara is involved in helping host surf film screenings on Brighton beach to raise money against plastic pollution in the oceans. 


Sara started jewellery making as a young child loving outings to her local bead shop where she could buy all sorts of strange beads with her pocket money! She grew up with salt in her veins, living on a small island with the ocean on her doorstep and her parents enjoying sailing.  Creating ocean inspired jewels has been a natural evolution for Sara. 

As she grew up she developed a love for ocean and mountain boardsports, after university she spent years travelling the world whilst diving, surfing and snowboarding over the globe.   She sought out jobs in exotic countries: teaching windsurfing in Corsica and France, working on a pearl boat in the Indian Ocean,  selling shell jewellery on the beaches of Hossegor and working on a dive boat in the Whitsunday islands..


All of these experiences have shaped her path to where she is now, with a creative streak influenced by her passion for boardsports, the environment and travelling to exotic countries.

Sara: Founder  & Designer

Roni: Artisan

Sara joined forces with an artisan to help her with the craft making process. This way they could also benefit from her business.  

Whilst on an Indonesian surf trip, Sara stumbled on a tiny studio in a silversmithing village where she met Roni, who was working for a big jewellery manufacturing company, making very intricate pieces.  After talking with broken English discussing the designs, he named his price and off she went leaving him with a small selection of shells and turquoise to work on.  

On her return she went to collect the jewellery and it was exactly as she had hoped.  His craftsmanship skills were excellent and he used the best materials possible. Since then their partnership has grown and more designs have been realised.  In buying an ocean boheme piece of jewellery you are also supporting an Indonesian family.

It’s an honour to upkeep the tradition of silversmithing and to support this family.  To Sara it’s imperative that no single Ocean Boheme product is made by someone who is either forced to make them or under aged.  The artisans never work under high pressure, no strict lead times are calculated, nor is work done as on an assembly line. 



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